Palm Village in Mandeville is a Lilly Pulitzer store

The interior of Palm Village is designed to bright, and cheerful. (DAVID GRUNFELD)

Karen Taylor GistOriginally posted click here: By Karen Taylor Gist  on May 01, 2014 at 1:00 PM, updated May 01, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Feeling a little down? Here’s an easy fix: Just walk into Palm Village, in the Village Shopping Center in Mandeville, where the bright-white interior with hot pink accent walls gets more cheery blasts of color from the Lilly Pulitzer clothing on sale there.

05wishinstorelillyBright pink accent walls and the clothing itself provide pops of color.DAVID GRUNFELD

The Palm Beach-y bright hues on dresses, tops and more swirl and flow into florals and geometrics and even animal shapes. It’s just impossible to feel blue in this environment. (Plus, when I stopped in, the sound system was playing Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy.’ It was hard not to dance.)

Palm Village is one of about 75 Lilly Pulitzer signature stores nationwide licensed to sell the brand; although it could sell other labels as well, this store of about 2,000 square feet is all Lilly all the time: shorts, skirts, swimsuits and baby clothes, and gift items such as insulated totes and cups, phone covers, umbrellas and more. As Eleanor Quinn says, if you don’t want a dress (likely to run in the $150 to $200 range), “You can put a little Lilly in your life with a $30 phone cover.”

Quinn is director of stores for Palm Village’s three owners, who also have locations in Asheville, N.C., and Knoxvillle, Tenn. Quinn worked with an architect from Ashville to turn an unfinished Mandeville shopping-center space into this Lilly-centric palace — the pink inside is the official Lilly color — that “fits with the bright, happy colors and the party atmosphere Lilly tries to create,” she says.

05wishinstorelillyEleanor Quinn, director of stores, left, and Luna Naylor, assistant manager at Palm Village,DAVID GRUNFELD

Each of the four dressing room has its own vibrant look. Three have custom wallpaper, but in a friendly nod to the New Orleans area, an artist handpainted the fourth in a Pulitzer scarf print loaded with crawfish, pelicans, crowns and beads. Pale blue fleurs-de-lis line the check-out counter.

The Lilly look started in the ‘60s, and famous Pulitzer prepsters including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; Caroline Kennedy and members of the Rockefeller family also have worn the pick-out-in-the-crowd designs. But Quinn points to a line of white and spring cocktail dresses as fresh takes for the brand. “You’d never expect them to be Lilly,” she says.

Palm Village is in The Village Shopping Center, 2735 US 190, Mandeville, 985.778.2547